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New Documentation Framework

Watch the Mathematica Help System Overview ScreencastMathematica has always been known for the quality of its documentation. Building on the latest technologies, Mathematica 6 introduces a completely new and innovative documentation system—deployed both in-product and on the web—that includes the equivalent of a total of 50,000 pages of material, with over 100,000 carefully chosen examples and over 150,000 links—all with primary content personally overseen by senior architects of the Mathematica system.
  • Special outlining mechanism for optimal assimilation of material.
  • Customized complete search both on-web and in-product.
  • "Guide pages" providing a complete conceptual view of the Mathematica system.
  • All in-product examples immediately executable and modifiable.
  • On-web examples with copyable popups and tiny URLs for direct linking.
  • Dynamic updating and loading for all in-product documentation.
  • Immediate links to the expanding collection of complete dynamic examples of Mathematica usage in The Wolfram Demonstrations Project.