Introducing a Computing Revolution
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The most important advance in the 20-year history of Mathematica

Mathematica Reinvented Building on two decades of world-class algorithm and
software development, Mathematica 6 represents a dramatic
breakthrough that immensely broadens Mathematica's scope and applicability—and
redefines the very way we think about computation. Made possible by Mathematica's unique symbolic architecture, Mathematica 6 introduces a sweeping unification of language and interface concepts that makes possible a new level of automation in algorithmic computation, interactive manipulation and dynamic presentation—as well as a whole new way of interacting with the world of data.

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a new kind of interactive computing made possible by Mathematica
Example Dynamic Interfaces
Continuing a 20-year history of unified design & language compatibility

Mathematica 6 radically extends every aspect of Mathematica's functionality

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