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Dynamic Astronomical Computation

Mathematica 7 significantly enhances Mathematica's astronomical data capabilities by adding real-time dynamic computation of astronomical object positions, as well as adding new classes of objects, including exoplanets and tens of thousands of minor planets and comets.
  • Positions of objects on the sky computed from observer latitude, longitude. »
  • Positions of the Sun and Moon computed dynamically for past and future.
  • Positions of major and minor planets computed dynamically from orbital data.
  • Automatic computation of rise, set etc. times.
  • Apparent magnitude computed dynamically for solar system objects.
  • Estimated temperature, mass, luminosity and radius added for all standard stars.
  • 50,000+ minor planets added, with all available orbital and physical data.
  • Nearly 2500 comets added, with best-available orbital information.
  • 200+ exoplanets with established properties added.
  • All confirmed galaxies in the Local Group added.
  • Latitude, longitude automatically available from built-in Mathematica geoIP service.
  • All astronomical computations fully integrated with Mathematica analytical and visualization capabilities.
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