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Quick-Start Assistant Palettes

Mathematica 7 adds a collection of Assistant palettes that provide immediate point-and-click access to an extensive range of Mathematica capabilities. The palettes both serve as convenient entry points for novice users, especially in education, as well as providing shortcuts for experienced users. The Classroom Assistant Palette also makes it possible to use Mathematica on an electronic whiteboard, without a keyboard.
  • Palettes optimized for use with minimal prior Mathematica knowledge.
  • More than 300 Mathematica commands accessible through palettes.
  • Basic Math Assistant palette for access to Mathematica's basic math capabilities.
  • Writing Assistant palette for access to document formatting capabilities.
  • Classroom Assistant palette for common capabilities used in classroom settings.
  • Palettes optimized to minimize click count to achieve common objectives.
  • Palettes assist and reinforce learning of the Mathematica system.
  • Palettes create templated Mathematica input directly in a standard notebook.
  • Writing Assistant Palette provides single-click access to many formatting actions.
  • Classroom Assistant palette allows use of Mathematica without a physical keyboard.