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Optimized Notebook Ergonomics

Based on continued user interface research and testing at Wolfram Research, Mathematica 7 adds many features and innovations to help streamline working with Mathematica notebooks for both novices and experts. Immediate features include enhanced new-notebook and new-cell behavior, insertion indicators and extensive context-sensitive menus. Additional features include new forms of template and help interaction, as well as modern external interface capabilities.
  • Contextual menus for many specific contexts within notebooks.
  • Visually cued inter-cell insertion mechanism.
  • New style-setting feedback mechanism.
  • New easy-to-edit input templates for all built-in functions.
  • Visual notebook stylesheet template generator and setter.
  • New Welcome Screen and interactive new-user materials.
  • Enhanced clipboard support for MathML exchange with other programs.
  • Automated drag-and-drop import of images and data into notebooks.
  • Uniform transparency-based selection display.