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Microcontroller Kit

The Microcontroller Kit provides a high-level and automated mechanism to deploy code to microcontrollers. Built around a single superfunction, it can rapidly bring maker projects to life from a unified and elegant interface.

Microcontroller Kit Workflow

Automated, Powerful and Easy to Use

A Higher Level of Programming

The Wolfram Language enables you to go directly from model, controller and filter designs to deployment without having to manually write the microcontroller code.

An Easy-to-Use and Uniform Interface

An easy-to-use superfunction, MicrocontrollerEmbedCode, presents a unified interface across all targets. The variations in the code to be generated and the compiler toolchains are automatically handled.

Integrate with Existing Libraries

Integrate code from external libraries, such as ones found on GitHub, into the generated code.

Real-Time Code

The generated code uses the timer interrupts onboard the microcontroller to ensure that the sampling window remains fixed. Thus, although the duration to read the input signals, process them and update the output signals may vary, a consistent sampling period is maintained.

Knobs and Switches

Although the microcontroller's registers are automatically set by the generated code, there are options that allow the user to override the automatically set values.

Supported Targets