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Wolfram Knowledge about Universities in Microsoft Excel

University entities include four-year research universities, community colleges, vocational schools and other institutions of higher learning from around the world.

A few example entities...

California Institute of Technology
Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca
Faculdade Assis Gurgacz
Harvard University
Princeton University
Australian National University
Ukrainian Academy of Printing
University of Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Yale University

You can access the following properties for each entity...

  • name
  • location
  • country/region
  • website
  • type
  • year founded
  • gender of student body
  • student/faculty ratio
  • undergraduate application fee
  • acceptance rate
  • seal
  • wikipedia summary text
  • all students
  • full‐time students
  • part‐time students
  • graduate students
  • undergraduate students
  • full‐time graduate students
  • part‐time graduate students
  • full‐time undergraduate students
  • part‐time undergraduate students
  • graduation rate
  • transfer out rate
  • tuition, local undergraduate students
  • tuition, local graduate students
  • tuition, international undergraduate students
  • tuition, international graduate students
  • fees, local undergraduate student
  • fees, international undergraduate student
  • on-campus room and board charges
  • average cost for books and supplies
  • miscellaneous student expenses
  • average net price (grants and scholarships)
  • net price change (grants and scholarships)
  • average net price (federal grants/loans)
  • net price change (federal grants/loans)
  • loan default rate
  • median total borrowing
  • median loan payment
  • less than one year
  • one to two years
  • two to four years
  • bachelor's
  • master's
  • post‐master's certificate
  • doctorate
  • first professional degree
  • associate's
  • postbaccalaureate certificate
  • student SAT submission percentage
  • student ACT submission percentage
  • 25th percentile ACT composite score
  • 75th percentile ACT composite score
  • 25th percentile ACT English score
  • 75th percentile ACT English score
  • 25th percentile ACT math score
  • 75th percentile ACT math score
  • 25th percentile SAT math score
  • 75th percentile SAT math score
  • 25th percentile SAT verbal score
  • 75th percentile SAT verbal score
  • logo
  • + more
  • - less

Note: Wolfram entities represent physical entities as well as mathematical and other scientific concepts. Each entity type has a unique set of properties. Wolfram entity types and properties correspond to "data types" and "fields" in Excel.

How to Use Wolfram Data in Excel

Note: This is now available with a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription.


Highlight data and click the Automatic button

Select cells or columns in a table with the text to convert, then select the Automatic button in the Data Types gallery of the Data tab. Wolfram's natural language understanding will recognize the entities and convert them.


Browse associated data

Select the Insert Data button that appears to browse a list of all available properties. Select one to insert data into your workbook. When you have data in a table, Excel will automatically fill the table for you. Wolfram has hundreds of expertly curated entities in Excel, encompassing the sciences, arts, culture, and more.


Automatically get data

Once converted to an entity, you can use key Excel features to work with data pulled from Wolfram. Sort and Filter data, or create formulas that reference an entity's properties and values.


Browse more information

Selecting the icon of a converted cell opens a card where you can find detailed data from Wolfram. This means you don't need to leave Excel to accomplish your goals.

Compute with University data in the Wolfram Language