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Wolfram Notebook Licensing

For Deployment in the Free Wolfram Player

Personal use

Wolfram Notebooks are viewable for personal use with Wolfram Player and on the web through the Wolfram Cloud as read-only documents with basic controller-driven interactivity.

User-shared and freely distributed content and applications can be deployed without restriction, alongside thousands of examples of engaging, interactive and openly accessible content found on sites like the Wolfram Demonstrations Project and the Notebook Archive.

Enterprise level

For commercial retail products or enterprise-wide applications, enterprise-level CDF notebooks run as full-fledged Wolfram Language–based applications on Wolfram Player, with support for product white labeling, source-code encryption, data import/export, file creation and management, saving interface state and connectivity to databases and other programs.

Contact us about Mathematica Enterprise Edition for deploying internal production-level applications within your organization, commercial publications to a broad audience or any Wolfram Language–based computable document products sold directly to your end users.

System details

  • The Wolfram Notebook and underlying Computable Document Format (CDF) is a public format specification.
  • Wolfram Player is a free multi-platform desktop and mobile computation engine for rendering and interacting with Wolfram Notebooks.
  • The Wolfram Cloud is a web-based interface for Wolfram Notebooks, APIs and other Wolfram Language–deployed objects.
  • FreeCDF deployment is superseded by the latest notebook features and will soon be deprecated. For FreeCDF licensing terms, refer to the legacy page.

General Use Cases

Notebook Enterprise
Distributed publicly as free content, applications and supplementary material
Notebooks and CDF sold commercially Contact Us
Removal of Wolfram branding elements
Enhanced capabilities, including import/export of live data, arbitrary input fields, dialog windows and file saving

A Guide to Licensing Options

Business Intelligence Notebook Enterprise
Internal reports, presentations and dashboards
Private client reports and presentations
Reports, presentations and dashboards sold by subscription Contact Us
Blogs and News Media Notebook Enterprise
Content distributed publicly
Content with access restricted—for example, via a subscription portal (paywall)
Education Notebook Enterprise
Courses and knowledge apps distributed publicly
Quizzes, homework assignments and syllabi for personal classroom use
Proprietary content packaged and marketed to schools Contact Us
Software Development and Industry R&D Notebook Enterprise
Internally distributed and private client application prototypes
Commercially distributed standalone applications Contact Us
Publishing Notebook Enterprise
Freely distributed ebook or app
Commercially distributed ebook or app Contact Us
Ebook or app with access restricted via subscription portal or paywall Contact Us
Commercial use of and deep linking to Wolfram Demonstrations Contact Us