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  • Implementation of the program is object-oriented. This includes type-checking and vector algebra for Cartesian objects.
  • Units of measure are in linear and angular units.
  • Supports common cartographic projections, including Mercator and Transverse Mercator.
  • Provides access to a collection of 24 reference ellipsoids and 18 geodetic datums, which can be user-supplemented.
  • Geodetic coordinate systems include geodetic curvilinear (latitude, longitude, ellipsoid height); Earth-centered, Earth-fixed, 3D Cartesian; and local geodetic Cartesian (ENU).
  • Performs transformations among coordinate systems and datums.
  • Includes common geodesy computations such as the forward and inverse problems and coordinate manipulations.
  • Uses Oblique Mercator, Lambert conformal conic, orthographic, and stereographic projections, which are conformal projections for both ellipsoid and spherical implementations.