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Wolfram Programming Lab is a legacy product.
All the same functionality and features, including access to Programming Lab Explorations, are available with Wolfram|One.
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Use the Wolfram Language to let students do real-world programming amazingly easily.

With the breakthrough knowledge-based Wolfram Language, students can use tiny amounts of immediately readable code to create programs that involve real-world data, generate impressive graphics and explore an immense range of computational topics—learning not only coding, but also broad STEM skills. Q&A »

A Breakthrough in Programming Education

In the past, educators have had to choose between making programming easy and making it real. With the Wolfram Language there's no compromise any more: it's very easy, but very powerful, and real.

Immediately Relate to the Real World

With its vast built-in knowledgebase, the Wolfram Language immediately allows students to create programs that relate to their everyday experiences and interests in the real world.

Engage Students with Graphics

Graphics are ubiquitous in the Wolfram Language—so your students can always be making pictures, and engaging visually.

Built to Make Real Programming Easy

The Wolfram Language is set up to automate as much as possible—so programmers and students alike can concentrate on the concepts of what they are programming, not the low-level details of computer operation.

The Latest in Modern Programming

When you use the Wolfram Language, you can immediately expose your students to a remarkable range of modern programming concepts—all elegantly integrated into the language.

Get to Core Concepts Right Away

Because it's so high level and so automated, the Wolfram Language lets you show core computation concepts with tiny amounts of code, often just one or two built-in functions.

The World's Most Demoable Language

Because code in the Wolfram Language tends be so short and so simple, the language immediately lends itself to live classroom code writing—so your students can get a direct view of how code is created.

Freedom to Experiment

The Wolfram Language is automated—and robust—enough that students can readily do their own programming experiments with it, and make their own computational discoveries.

Build Professional Skills

The Wolfram Language is a breakthrough in professional programming—so when students learn it, they're immediately learning frontier professional programming skills.

Inspirational Success Stories

From its use in Mathematica for three decades, the Wolfram Language has been part of a remarkable range of inspirational programming success stories—often with results students will immediately know.

Lots of STEM along the Way

Whether it's from real-world data or from built-in math algorithms, programming in the Wolfram Language exposes students in an unprecedentedly clear way to a remarkably full range of STEM concepts.

Don't Just Teach Computing

With all its built-in knowledge and algorithms, the Wolfram Language gives you a great way to teach students math, geography, science, art—and even literature and more.

As Easy as Wolfram|Alpha

Wolfram Programming Lab uses the same technology as Wolfram|Alpha to enable natural language input—and let students start creating code just by writing English.

The Best First Language

The Wolfram Language has burst onto the scene of programming education as a uniquely suitable first programming language for students to learn.

Everything Is Interactive

Any code—however small—can immediately be run in the Wolfram Language, so students can immediately see what any piece of code does.

Graphics Are Built In

Compelling 2D, 3D and interactive graphics are built into the core of the Wolfram Language, so students can immediately get visual representations of things.

An Immediate Sense of Power

In the Wolfram Language, students need type only single commands to get sophisticated computations done—giving them an immediate sense of power in using the computer.

Instant Real-World Data

The Wolfram Language has instant access to the vast Wolfram Knowledgebase—as used in Wolfram|Alpha—so students can immediately bring real-world data into their programs.

Start with Pure Natural Language

With the free-form linguistics capabilities of the Wolfram Language, students can type pure English and get fragments of code—as easily as they can use Wolfram|Alpha.

Code That's Easy to Read

Careful design and English-language-based naming conventions make Wolfram Language code uniquely easy to read—so students can learn from a diverse range of examples without being taught every detail first.

Zero Overhead Programming

The automation of the Wolfram Language lets students immediately write code that computes; there's no need to declare variables or learn arcane ways to structure programs.

Using Wolfram Programming Lab

Wolfram Programming Lab is set up to conveniently deliver the power of the Wolfram Language to students in both individual and classroom settings.

Explorations Are Included

Wolfram Programming Lab comes with an expanding collection of engaging Explorations that expose students to a range of topics and programming skills.

Educator Information Available

All Wolfram Programming Lab Explorations have additional educator information available, including answer keys for challenges, suggested classroom activities and alignments with educational standards.

Start on the Web with Zero Configuration

Wolfram Programming Lab is available on the web, so all you and your students need is a web browser; you don't need to do any configuration.

Desktop Versions Available

Wolfram Programming Lab is available not only on the web, but also natively on Windows, Mac and Linux computers—providing students higher-performance interaction and longer computation times.

Great Classroom Demos

The interactive—and graphical—character of the Wolfram Language makes it an immediate hit for classroom demos. Show your students code in action and immediately get them engaged in creating their own.

Create Assignments in Programming Lab

Wolfram Programming Lab lets you create documents that seamlessly mix explanatory text with Wolfram Language code, so you can write your assignments directly in Programming Lab.

An Immediate Community

Join Wolfram Community online to meet other educators working with the Wolfram Language, as well as diverse professionals from around the world, ready to discuss your programming and education questions.

Connect to the Raspberry Pi

The Wolfram Language is bundled with the Raspberry Pi, so anything your students write in Wolfram Programming Lab can immediately be run on a Raspberry Pi.

Deployment & Support in Any Environment

Wolfram Research has been a leader in the educational software area for three decades—and Wolfram Programming Lab builds on the same highly polished deployment and support practices.

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