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What Uses Service Credits?

Service Credits Rates

** Not billed during experimental period.

*** Discount applies to jobs submitted and on-demand licenses created from within a paid Wolfram product or subscription.

WebSearch (providers: Microsoft, Google) 3 credits for up to 10 results
WebImageSearch (providers: Microsoft, Google) 3 credits for up to 10 results
TextTranslation (providers: Microsoft, Google) 10 credits per 1,000 characters
GeoImage** (provider: DigitalGlobe) 1 credit per 15 tiles
SendMessage (SMS) (provider: Twilio) 4 credits per message
SendMessage (MMS) (provider: Twilio) 10 credits per message
Wolfram Engine On-Demand (provider: Wolfram) 4 credits per kernel per hour
Wolfram Engine On-Demand (discounted)*** (provider: Wolfram) 2 credits per kernel per hour

Pricing for Service Credits

500 credits $3 $6.00 (cost per thousand)
5,000 credits $25 $5.00 (cost per thousand)
20,000 credits $100 $5.00 (cost per thousand)
240,000 credits $1,000 $4.17 (cost per thousand)
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Am I eligible to buy Service Credits?

If you have a Wolfram ID, you can purchase Service Credits.

How long are my Service Credits good for?

Service Credits remain active as long as they are used regularly. If no credits are purchased or used on your account for one year, your credits will expire.

Can I get a refund on unused credits?

No. Service Credit purchases are final.

Do I have to buy Service Credits?

If you are using services that require them, yes. For example, Integrated Service functions require Service Credits to execute.

What happens to my programs if I run out of Service Credits?

Further calls to integrated services will be disabled until sufficient Service Credits are added to the account.