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The Wolfram Solution for Aerospace Engineering and Defense

Analyze test data, mathematically optimize new aircraft designs or prototype aviation systems.

Underlying the Wolfram aerospace engineering and defense solution are advanced symbolic and numeric functions for data analysis, control systems and other calculations, plus interactive 2D and 3D graphics abilities. They all work together in the most automated and reliable computation, development and deployment environment available.

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Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions that let you:

  • Model and test complex systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles, space robotics and aircraft dynamics with Wolfram System Modeler
  • Quickly prototype aircraft designs and turn them into 3D models
  • Automatically compute design quantities, including closed-loop transfer functions, PID parametrizations and more
  • Compute the optimal controls needed to minimize fuel use or travel time
  • Fit tire skid data to determine parameters for anti-skid algorithms or design aircraft for safe gear-up landings
  • Perform aerodynamic, structural mechanics and other numeric and symbolic calculations
  • Model airplane approaches on parallel runways, introduce errors and study the statistics of near misses
  • Perform system-level design and optimization of an entire aircraft to meet safety regulations
  • Create prototypes from mathematical models of fundamental equations of motion and transform them into C code to work with your current system
  • Use model analysis to solve problems early, before expensive cockpit simulations or flight tests
  • Analyze flight data before and after a mission to compare performance to predicted behavior
  • Prototype new control systems using symbolic capabilities to derive dynamic equations
  • Model the behavior of new lightweight materials for aerospace manufacturing
  • Predict failure of components or subsystems with built-in reliability analysis functionality
Performing flight operational safety analysis
Modeling and controlling a satellite with Wolfram System Modeler

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Free-form linguistic input produces immediate results without the need for syntax
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Symbolic as well as numeric calculations to manipulate numbers, equations or pieces of code, improving accuracy or creating reusable models
    Matlab's built-in routines only handle numeric calculations
  • Fully automated precision control and arbitrary precision arithmetic to ensure accurate results
    Matlab and other systems relying on machine arithmetic can show critical errors due to numerical accuracy failure
  • One integrated system to scrub, filter and visualize data with any kind of analysis
    Tecplot 360 graphics must be exported to other programs for presentation or publication
  • Analyze and optimize designs in one system, using built-in constrained and unconstrained optimization routines
    Matlab requires an extra-cost toolbox and Pro/Engineer requires the extra-cost Pro/Mechanica add-on for optimization
  • Instant interactivity for creating tools that provide visual feedback to make debugging and testing innovative instrumentation easier
  • Wavelet transforms, filtering and more built in to a single computational engine
    Matlab and Mathcad require purchasing additional software for wavelet capabilities
  • Automated algorithm selection to get accurate results quickly—sometimes switching mid-calculation for further optimization
    Other systems like Matlab make you analyze your equations manually to determine which function to apply
  • Choose from procedural, functional and rule-based programming paradigms to create efficient code
    Other computation environments use predominantly procedural languages
Designing, studying and simulating aircraft dynamics with Wolfram System Modeler
Filtering an image to detect important features

Wolfram System Modeler is the most complete physical modeling and simulation tool for high-fidelity modeling. With System Modeler, you can:

Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies

Airbus BAE Systems Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Thales Group Canadian Space Agency Embraer Airbus Helicopters European Space Agency Federal Aviation Administration Honeywell International L3Harris Lockheed Martin MIT Lincoln Laboratory NASA Northrop Grumman Corporation SAIC

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