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The Wolfram Solution for Geosciences

Simulate your geoscience applications with fully interactive models incorporating state-of-the-art image processing, built-in geodesy data and the computational power that only the Wolfram solution can provide.

Includes probabilistic model analysis, the world's most advanced differential equation solving with automatic symbolic preprocessing, algorithm selection and precision control.

  • The Wolfram Edge
  • How Wolfram Compares
  • Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions and curated data on many topics that let you:

  • Design global and national control networks based on datums and coordinate systems to study geodynamic phenomena, such as crustal motion, tidal movements, polar motion and more
  • Understand global climate patterns using built-in weather data
  • Enhance and analyze satellite images to study geological features of interest
  • Quantify earthquake hazard in regions of low seismicity
  • Derive and plot systems of equations to simulate the influence of faults on groundwater flow
  • Perform statistical generalization and simulation of uniform hazard earthquake ground motions
  • Develop spatially distributed GIS-style methods for probabilistic slope-stability analysis
  • Derive and evaluate stresses and displacements in compressible elastic layers of drape folds and other geomechanical applications
  • Model the influence of mineralogy on frictional heat dissipation near faults and other structural geology applications
Simulating the behavior of ocean waves during a tsunami
Visualizing long-term climate trends

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Instantly create interactive applications to study geological phenomena, such as the propagation of seismic waves, tidal motion and more
    Instant creation of interactive interfaces is not possible in other software
  • Free-form linguistic input produces immediate results without the need for syntax
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Seamless integration of coding, computation, probabilistic analysis and interactive visualization of geological phenomena in one document
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Built-in, industrial-strength image processing algorithms for analyzing satellite and radar data
    Matlab requires the purchase of extra toolboxes; other software systems require the purchase of image processing software such as IDL
  • Easily switch between Cartesian and spherical coordinates for spatial analysis, seismicity analysis and high-precision map projection
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Automated precision control and arbitrary precision numerics produce highly accurate results for applications in geomechanics, structural geology and more
    Excel, Matlab and other systems that rely on finite precision numerics can cause serious errors due to lack of precision
  • Easy-to-use parallel computing control and capabilities for solving computation- or data-intensive problems on multicore computers
    Extensive programming is required in all major software systems to parallelize processes
  • Built-in, powerful statistical analysis and optimization routines for analyzing large amounts of data from radars, satellites and more
    Matlab requires the purchase of extra toolboxes
  • Tight integration of specialized geoscience functionality within the Wolfram Language and more than 20 built-in application areas such as GIS, statistics, image processing and more
    ArcGIS, STATA, SPSS, IDL and other specialized software packages are required to obtain the Wolfram Language's built-in functionality; Matlab requires purchase of extra toolboxes
Creating a simple hurricane model (Rankine vortex)
Importing, analyzing and rendering topographic and GIS data

Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies

IPGPNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationPhysical Research Laboratory (PRL)U.S. Geological Survey

Consulting Solutions

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