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The Wolfram Solution for High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing requires getting correct answers to the most demanding technical and scientific problems. Because of the complexity of such problems, the majority of systems fail to provide either feasible computing times or dependable results.

Wolfram technologies provide the best of both worlds, integrating important HPC technologies in a seamless, optimized environment so you don't have to choose between speed and accuracy. With many of these technologies applied in automated ways, Wolfram offers the high-performance computing environment that lets you deliver quick, correct solutions.

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  • Key Capabilities

Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions that let you:

  • Build large-scale production systems using the Wolfram Language's unique mix of computational ability, performance and rapid development
  • Evaluate and improve your architecture before writing code or test the performance of sections of the code before the application is fully implemented
  • Automate the coding process, dramatically reducing time to delivery
  • Plot running time to see how it scales with input size
  • Enhance financial and linear algebra calculations with CUDA or OpenCL computations
  • Use CUDA architecture to calculate game physics of debris or fluids or to speed up applications in other fields that demand high performance
  • Use gridMathematica to automatically use extra processing power from local hardware, clusters or ad hoc grids without changing any code
  • Simulate complex many-body physical systems with classical and quantum Monte Carlo methods
  • Perform powerful image processing with built-in functions for filtering, morphology and binary operations with the GPU
  • Run large simulations to test models of complex thermodynamic systems
  • Run GPU-optimized BLAST searches on large genomes
  • Study protein dynamics on length scales and timescales otherwise not possible
Rely on high performance to build large-scale production systems, like this physics simulation engine
Develop computationally intensive business intelligence applications with superior user experience and deployment flexibility

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Build on the industry's largest collection of built-in algorithms for a wide range of mathematics, science and engineering applications to write less code and accomplish tasks not possible with other platforms
  • Test sections of code as they are written more easily than with compiled languages
  • Broad support for HPC standards, including cluster management systems, through gridMathematica
  • Built-in multicore, multi-CPU and GPU parallelism with no configuration required in the Wolfram Language.
  • Dynamically display parallel processing metrics such as parallel kernel status, load balancing and concurrency monitoring
  • Build and load completely scalable CUDA or OpenCL programs with a comprehensive and easy-to-use, high-level interface
  • Highly automated machine learning functions provide immediate access to a range of complex computational tasks
  • Built-in serialization for Wolfram Language expressions makes it easy to save and restore the state of your system
  • Get your work done with a small fraction of the code required in other languages
  • Mix code, documentation, test cases, examples and calculations related to your program in a single, highly organized document
Run complex quantum simulations and manipulate them in real time
Displaying parallel processing metrics with built-in functions

Using gridMathematica to Search for Extra-Solar Planets
Using gridMathematica to Search for Extra-Solar Planets
"I was surprised how easy it was to make the change to parallel computing. The scope and complexity of the problems I can now comfortably explore has greatly increased. The fact that it is a superb all-in-one mathematics, computing, visualizing, documenting and teaching environment is a delight and a great time saver."
Phil GregoryProfessor Emeritus, University of British Columbia
A Comprehensive Solution: Developing an Enterprise-Wide Platform with Wolfram Technologies
A Comprehensive Solution: Developing an Enterprise-Wide Platform with Wolfram Technologies
"Wolfram technology provides us with a powerful tool to quickly access the information we need... so we're able to do ad hoc analysis quickly and easily."
Philip ZecherChief Risk Officer, EQA Partners, LP
Adopting gridMathematica to Explore Large-Scale Questions in Human Immunity
Adopting gridMathematica to Explore Large-Scale Questions in Human Immunity
"gridMathematica will allow me to do things I wouldn't otherwise do. With each additional condition I need to investigate, the variables do not increase linearly—they start to explode. So I am restricted from exploring big spaces and gridMathematica will enable me to do that."
Troy DayAssistant Professor, Queen's University
Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Data Mining and Analysis with the Wolfram Language
Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Data Mining and Analysis with the Wolfram Language
"The speed at which you can process data in the Wolfram Language is amazing—no other software would do things as fast."
Ariel SepúlvedaFounder, Pronto Analytics
Inside the Interface: Optimizing Search with the Wolfram Language
Inside the Interface: Optimizing Search with the Wolfram Language
"I derive an immense amount of benefit from the tools the Wolfram Language offers for mounting structures onto data. Visually, it's a big step forward too."
Joel DrouillardResearch Analyst, BondDesk Group LLC

Organizations Using Wolfram Technologies

Advanced Micro DevicesBloomberg Finance L.P.The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.GoogleIntel Corp.Lockheed MartinMerck & Co., Inc.NASAPfizer Inc.Pixar Animation Studio

Consulting Solutions

Enlist the world’s computation experts to help with your project—any size, any level. At Wolfram, we know what’s possible with computational technology because we are global leaders in creating it. That gives us an unprecedented depth of expertise in applying it to consulting work in a variety of fields. Whether individual or enterprise, from concept to deployment, our computation experts can help you achieve robust results with less time and effort. Get us started with your project today