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Bio Chem


The Bio Chem library is an extendable, general-purpose Modelica library for modeling, simulation and visualization of biological and biochemical systems. The library is designed to be used together with Wolfram System Modeler, which enables several extra features such as Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) import and export. Bio Chem can, for instance, be used for selecting drug targets with PK/PD modeling or searching for novel drug targets with mechanistic modeling of the reactions in a cell or organism.


  • Hierarchical and large-scale modeling of biological systems
  • Visualization of biological reaction networks with real-world topology
  • Design of custom reactions, compartments and substances
  • Direct import and translation of SBML Level 1 Version 1–4 and Level 2 Version 1–4 components to System Modeler
  • Direct export of models to SBML Level 2 from System Modeler
  • Standard compartments, reactions and substances for biochemical processes
  • Simple reuse and replacement of parts and components
  • A combination of biomechanical, bioelectrical and biochemical models in the same environment
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