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High School Physics


The High School Physics library contains interactive physics labs for high-school students. After completing the labs, you will be able to understand the safety limits of a trampoline-like structure, how spring-damper systems are used to model real-life situations and how damping forces help in reducing the impact during collisions between railcars. The library also contains many exercises related to kinematics and dynamics courses.


  • Dynamic simulation of forces
  • Exercises with real-life scenarios
  • Compare scenarios by varying parameter values
  • Interactive notebooks powered by system models
  • Full access to all system models
  • Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • Allows the combination of components from the High School Physics library and components from the Modelica Standard Library


Version 2.0 Platforms All Platforms
Updated January 2024 Requirements None
Size <15MB Language English
Library Dependency Modelica Standard Library 4.0.0 Support
System Modeler Compatibility 13.2 and higher Documentation Self-documenting
Mathematica Compatibility 13.2 and higher License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0
High School Physics Wolfram