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The Synchronous library is a Modelica package to precisely define and synchronize sampled data systems with different sampling rates. It encapsulates the Modelica 3.3 synchronous language elements with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The library has elements to define periodic clocks and event clocks that trigger elements to sample, sub-sample, super-sample or shift-sample partitions synchronously. Optionally, quantization effects, computational delay or noise can be simulated.


  • Automatic discretization of continuous-time equations
  • Makes definition of sampled-data systems much simpler and safer
  • Synchronize sampled data systems with different sampling rates
  • Supports both periodic and nonperiodic sampled data systems
  • Allows the combination of components from the Synchronous library and components from the Modelica Standard Library


Version 0.93.0 Platforms All Platforms
Updated May 2020 Requirements None
Size <2MB Language English
Library Dependency Modelica Standard Library 3.2.3 Support
System Modeler Compatibility 12.1 and higher Documentation Modelica_Synchronous Documentation
Mathematica Compatibility 12.1 and higher License Modelica License 2
Modelica_Synchronous Modelica Association