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OPC Classic


OPC Classic is a Modelica library that allows you to link your simulation models to the real world by connecting to OPC servers. The library acts as an OPC client, enabling you to incorporate real, live data into your simulations.


  • Based on the OPC Classic specification for Data Access (OPC DA)
  • Support for many different OPC types
  • Compatible with all OPC Classic servers
  • Support for connecting to multiple servers from one model
  • Suitable for real-time simulations
  • Allows the combination of components from the OPC Classic library and components from the Modelica Standard Library


Version 2.0 Platforms Windows
Updated January 2024 Requirements Access to an OPC server such as MatrikonOPC Simulation Server
Size <10MB Language English
Library Dependency Modelica Standard Library 4.0.0 Support
System Modeler Compatibility 14.0 Documentation OPC Classic Documentation
    License Wolfram System Modeler Library License
OPC Classic Wolfram