The Wolfram Language for the Hour of Code

From the makers of Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica

Next Steps: Beyond the Hour of Code

Long-Term Benefits

Why Choose the Wolfram Language?

Using a programming language that the professionals use

By learning to program in the Wolfram Language, students are learning the language of Mathematica, which is used by thousands of colleges, universities, companies and government organizations throughout the world. Give them an early advantage by introducing them to the Wolfram Language today.

The Wolfram Language will help students turn their ideas into reality, and is more intuitive than conventional programming languages. It's the language used to create Wolfram|Alpha—powerful enough to compute answers to millions of queries per day, yet easy enough for an elementary school student to learn.

Immediately Relate to the real world

With its vast built-in knowledgebase, the Wolfram Language immediately allows students to create programs that relate to their everyday experiences and interests in the real world.

Engage students with graphics

Graphics are ubiquitous in the Wolfram Language—so your students can always make pictures and engage visually.

Built to make real programming easy

The Wolfram Language is set up to automate as much as possible—so programmers and students alike can concentrate on programming concepts, not the low-level details of computer operation.

Not just for computer science courses

The Wolfram Language is a knowledge-based programming language, which means that it includes information about virtually all aspects of the world in the language itself. Whether it's from real-world data or built-in math algorithms, programming in the Wolfram Language exposes students to computational thinking over a full range of STEAM concepts.

Check out the STEAM and the computational thinking initiatives.

Students Using the Wolfram Language

How are students using the Wolfram Language outside of the Hour of Code?

Students in elementary, middle and high schools across the country are already programming in the Wolfram Language in their math, science and technology classes.
See how high-school and college students are using the Wolfram Language to participate and win at hackathons around the world.
For the past several years, we've held a programming summer camp for high-school students. Check out some of the projects that they completed in less than two weeks.

Interested in using the Wolfram Language at your school beyond the Hour of Code? Contact us.