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Interface Development

From simple toolbars to sophisticated palettes and complex applications, the Wolfram Interface Development solution makes developing and deploying user interfaces easy, reducing the overhead of interface creation and optimizing the use of the underlying application.

Because controls are symbolic objects, their selection, layout, and relation to variables is automatic, streamlining interface construction and shortening development time.

Creating sophisticated user interfaces symbolically and programmatically with unprecedented automation
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Wolfram technologies include thousands of built-in functions and curated data on many topics that let you:

  • Mock up or prototype new interface elements
  • Quickly create an interface to see how changing parameters will affect experiments
  • Create an interface to streamline data analysis and curve fitting
  • Merge text, graphics, and applications into one interactive document
  • Programmatically produce user interfaces as output
  • Construct sophisticated interfaces for applications
  • Design dynamic interfaces that change in real time, depending on the options selected by the user
  • Develop applications with quick-to-build interfaces
  • Create interactive applications and deploy them to the web or desktop with the Computable Document Format
  • Thousands of interactive interfaces in the Wolfram Demonstrations Project were built directly by subject experts without interface programming experience

Create custom navigation interfaces for documents that include applications

Quickly make interfaces with automatic or user-specified layouts

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How Wolfram Compares
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Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Fast prototyping of applications or tools without being an expert in interface creation
  • Interfaces are fast and easy to create because components are linked together with simple variable values, not complex script code
    Constructing an interface with the Java Swing toolkit or other systems requires writing event-handling code
  • Manipulate allows instant creation of an interface, automatically selecting and arranging appropriate types of controls
    Unique to Wolfram technologies
  • Use any standard interface element, create a new type of control, and use graphics as elements of controls
    Matlab and other applications limit the types of controls available
  • Easy development for and effective deployment to Wolfram CDF Player
    Matlab applications must be compiled and are not platform-independent

Use graphics as control elements

Create custom interfaces for applications without programming expertise

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