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Engineering Alex: A Centralized System for Petroleum Production Analytics

Andrew Yule, Technology Manager, Assured Flow Solutions

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Consultants at Assured Flow Solutions solve production-related problems in the oil and gas industry using a broad range of computational methods and data sources. Previously, this meant using a loose collection of spreadsheets, executables and macros, often with multiple versions in different network locations. Technology Manager Andrew Yule saw the need for a more consistent framework to house their computational knowledge, making it readily available to employees and clients.


Yule's toolkit Alex (named after the ancient Library of Alexandria), built using the Wolfram Language, gives the company a powerful new way to find and customize algorithms and execute computations. Utilizing a variety of Wolfram Language interface features, Alex's front end includes a pane for searching and navigating the list of tools, as well as interactive controls for adjusting algorithms and parameters. It also has utilities for copying and exporting data, loading and saving settings and reporting bugs.

With Alex, Assured Flow Solutions has replaced dozens of single-purpose applications with faster, more flexible Wolfram Language computations. The algorithms driving the toolkit are contained in an encoded Wolfram Language package, adding a layer of security to the team's intellectual property. Alex pulls everything together into a centralized computation hub, greatly simplifying their project workflow and allowing quick deployment of APIs and web forms for client use.


Yule chose the Wolfram Language because of its speed and flexibility. "We're able to do things very quickly with the Wolfram Language," says Yule, with some tasks taking "an order of magnitude longer" in other systems. And with the range of functionality covered, he says, "I haven't come across something yet that the Wolfram Language hasn't been able to help me do."

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