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Empowering Data-Driven Decisions: Data Mining and Analysis with Mathematica

Ariel Sepúlveda, Founder, Pronto Analytics

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"Mathematica has a really powerful language that allows you to combine the symbolic capabilities and functions to do whatever you need to do in your work or your field."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Features a fully integrated system that supports all aspects of data handling, including importing and exporting data in hundreds of formats
  • Provides multi-paradigm language for quick and easy programming and development
  • Features built-in statistical analysis, modeling and exploratory data analysis


Ariel Sepúlveda puts Mathematica to work in his company to solve the business intelligence, data mining and analytics needs of his clients.

Recently, Sepúlveda used his broad experience with Mathematica's data analysis capabilities to develop BEST Viewpoints, a standalone, commercial Mathematica application.

BEST Viewpoints combines data manipulation and analysis features found in spreadsheets and databases into a single, Mathematica-empowered environment.

Sepúlveda says he had to choose Mathematica because "combining the speed, the power, the set of functions you have available for programming, what you get is an amazing toolbox that [is] hard to find anywhere else."

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