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Efficient Coding Takes Off: Flight Simulation with Mathematica

Yves Papegay, INRIA

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"I think software in engineering and math should not be done like it is usually done in other programming languages. Mathematica is much richer, and there are more possibilities."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Efficiently translates hundreds of pages of flight simulation code
  • Shortens translation time from six months for a team of scientists to just one week for one person
  • Dramatically improves productivity in industrial workflow


"Very efficient, very useful, and enjoyable." That's how Yves Papegay describes the power of Mathematica. During his 14 years of research at The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control, he has focused on applying symbolic computation methods to flight modeling and simulation applications.

Using Mathematica, Papegay created a new automated coding process that eliminated a time-consuming bottleneck in the industrial workflow. Before Mathematica, the coding took a team of developers six to eight months to complete, but now one person can do it all in one week.

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