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Striking a Virtual Chord: Mathematica Hits High Note with Music Producer

John Kiehl, Co-owner, Soundtrack Recording Studios

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"It's the fastest way to demo up an idea. You know, if you've got an idea of how something might work, you're going to cover ground faster in Mathematica than you're going to do in any other software package."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Dramatically amplifies creativity and desire to learn
  • Instantly produces musical notes from number combinations and patterns
  • Creates a workspace to rapidly run multiple ideas at once


John Kiehl has always understood the strong connection between mathematics and music. Kiehl says, "The more command I got of numbers and permutations and combinations, and the more that helped me with my vocabulary as a musician... I just realized it made me a better artist."

The powerful set theory and pattern matching capabilities in Mathematica amplify Kiehl's skills by helping him turn his musical ideas into notes he can listen to in just minutes. With each new music project, he discovers new tools in Mathematica to enhance his sound production. According to Kiehl, he can use Mathematica for everything he does.

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