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Mechatronic Design: Mathematica in Automotive and Aerospace Design

Nicolas Venuti, CEO, Virtual Dynamics

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"Mathematica competes with all the tools that exist and works ten times better. It was the basis of technical development on which I built my company, Virtual Dynamics."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Model and test complex systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles, space robotics and aircraft dynamics with Wolfram SystemModeler
  • Perform aerodynamic, structural mechanic and other numeric and symbolic calculations
  • Model the behavior of new lightweight materials for aerospace manufacturing


As CEO of Virtual Dynamics—a company that provides modeling, simulation and dynamic systems design in the field of mechatronics—Nicolas Venuti needs access to software that allows him to make prototypes quickly. His focus on innovation and research requires the ability to validate concepts without constantly reinventing the wheel.


Mathematica is a universal solution for Venuti that enables him to transfer, capitalize and share knowledge while drawing on decades of experience in computer science, covering all possible languages. Mathematica uniquely enables him to implement a document-centered approach and reuse existing content without starting each new project from scratch.


For Venuti, the benefits go beyond the ability to move from idea to prototype very quickly. Venuti and his team can also easily share knowledge with clients via Wolfram CDF Player. "We have references, formulas, graphs, technical drawings, parameters, statistical models and calculations available, and we can wrap everything in the same Mathematica notebook and export it to CDF so it's accessible even outside of Mathematica."

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