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A Natural Choice: Mathematica's Role in Natural Resource Studies

Yu-Feng Lin, Hydrogeologist, Illinois State Water Survey

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"Groundwater recharge-discharge is a very complex system, and usually we need years of study in order to get the results we are getting from Mathematica in a matter of days."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Provides a foundation for accurate geospatial information and computation
  • Gives access to immense computational power
  • Allows for the immediate creation of ready-to-use models, through which you can control and vary values with the powerful Manipulate command


Yu-Feng Lin, a hydrogeologist at the Illinois State Water Survey, is on a mission to develop a tool that gives scientists and decision-makers a quick estimation of groundwater recharge and discharge.


Lin chose Mathematica for this complex project. Lin says, "Mathematica can really help us with computing power and with visualizing the outcome." With Mathematica, Lin can also easily import, combine and compute geospatial data from various sources, which he says allows his team to apply expert-level knowledge to its analysis.


Having all of these features in one environment is what makes Mathematica the clear solution for tackling Lin's challenge. "This combination between computing power and visualization tool, which also includes image processing, the combination is really the key in what we are looking for for this project, because we can find different software to do one of each very good. Combining them together, we really like the performance from Mathematica."

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