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Optimizing Supply Chains: Building Simulation Models with Mathematica

George Danner, Business Laboratory

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"I would say to anybody who's doing serious work in analytics... Mathematica really is the tool of choice."
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  • Model and optimize supply chains
  • Design factory layouts for efficient flow of materials
  • Perform effective project management using critical path analysis or PERT techniques


As the president of Business Laboratory, a company that performs scientific simulations for businesses and governments, George Danner needs a program capable of solving complex problems. Because he simulates everything from airline routes and supply chains to flu pandemics and business processes, he needs a tool capable of quickly computing statistics, optimization and graphics functions.


Danner and the Business Laboratory team use Mathematica for every project. It enables them to compute complex calculations with great speed, work with large datasets (including unstructured datasets) and create sophisticated visualizations for communicating with their audience, which often includes company executives.


In addition to bringing speed, power and flexibility to each simulation, the Wolfram Language offers integration with many data sources to help Danner quickly build prototypes, significantly enhancing profitability for his clients. "It's really the perfect environment for doing serious work in technical computing," says Danner.

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