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Piecing Together the Puzzle: Solving Life's Solar Battery with Mathematica

Melih Sener, Biophysicist

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"Mathematica is an indispensable puzzle-solving tool for biological sciences, which are becoming increasingly more quantitative."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Provides a computational framework for the development and analysis of problems
  • Allows for simple management and manipulation of hundreds of data formats
  • Quickly turns protein structure information into detailed, three-dimensional representations


Biophysicist Melih Sener used Mathematica to piece what he calls a molecular jigsaw puzzle into one of the largest light harvesting assemblies ever put together on a computer.

Mathematica was his building tool, he says, because it allowed him to combine three decades of research by hundreds of scientists into one framework where he could assemble the puzzle and then analyze its structure and function.

"The reason why I still use Mathematica and have been using it for all this time is that it's a very intuitive, very seamless development environment. I can go from an idea to a computational framework where I can get quick, easy numerical answers."

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