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Positioned for Success: Targeting Mathematica to Strengthen U.S. Defense

Bruce Colletti, Defense Contractor Consultant

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"Without Mathematica, my performance would suffer."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Creates a complete environment by combining rich function capabilities with report-building features
  • Generates rapid and accurate results to significantly reduce time spent in application development
  • Equips researchers with tools to produce vibrant graphics on demand


A contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense called on Bruce Colletti to develop a geo-positioning application for precision targeting.


Colleti used Mathematica to develop the application. Mathematica is the only software available that he could use to combine the vast technical and programmatic functions from his research with an interactive report-building feature to illustrate his application.


Colletti says, "If it hadn't been for Mathematica, I might still be working on that project, but I was able to dispatch it in four to five months.... Every analyst needs a well-equipped toolbox, and Mathematica belongs in there."

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