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A Natural Next Step: Using Mathematica to Rediscover the Math of Everyday Life

Sándor Kabai, Wolfram Demonstrations Author

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"The basic advantage of using Mathematica for geometrical research is that the result can be seen immediately, and you know, you don't have to go back again and prove whether it is feasible or not feasible. Mathematica shows it all at once that it is feasible and in beautiful graphics as well."
The Mathematica Edge
  • Provides precise and immediate calculations
  • Enriches learning experience with interactive graphics
  • Encourages experimentation and creativity


Sándor Kabai looks at everyday life in a unique way. "Wherever I go, I keep looking for the possibility of Demonstrations. On the street, a lamp, I'm thinking of making it a Demonstration," says Kabai.

Creating Demonstrations with Mathematica allows him to combine his background as an engineer with his passion for making computer graphics and promoting education. Kabai says Mathematica's advantages are "the precision and knowing the exact location of the objects which are being depicted and the movement which can be produced interactively."

It is especially exciting to him that his Demonstrations, as part of The Wolfram Demonstrations Project, can be used as educational tools for math and science teachers around the world. Kabai says, "It will have very, very great impact. Some people who are not deeply familiar with the possibilities of Mathematica Demonstrations are already very enthusiastic that it will revolutionize the education."

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