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webMathematica Website Wins International Mathematics Award

"The Dynamic Web Tools project would not have happened without webMathematica."

Mike Martin and Steve Wilson, professors at Kansas's Johnson County Community College, were recently honored with the 2004 International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology. The award was presented in recognition of their website Dynamic Web Tools, an online mathematics resource built using webMathematica.

After two years of development, the hands-on educational website now features comprehensive 2D and 3D visualization tools implemented in many early and advanced mathematics courses at Johnson County. Students can use Dynamic Web Tools for everything from basic algebra and trigonometry to applied mathematics, including instantly forming a model of chemical concentration in a pumping lung.

"Though we began working with webMathematica two years ago, we have simply been creating pages as the need in our courses arose," Wilson said. "In fact, I have often created a new webMathematica page in one or two afternoons, including interruptions."

"The Dynamic Web Tools project would not have happened without webMathematica," Martin added. "It allows us to embrace practically any area of mathematics and provide tools for our students to visualize, simulate, and better comprehend the materials."

Martin and Wilson consider Dynamic Web Tools "an ongoing project" and are excited to share new developments with their students and the web community at large.

"Our collection of pages will continue to grow and evolve as we identify additional topics which can be addressed through webMathematica," Wilson said.

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