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From the company that created Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha comes a revolutionary system for data science. Take numerical, textual, image, GIS or other data and give it the Wolfram treatment, carrying out a full spectrum of data science analysis and visualization and automatically generating rich interactive reports—all powered by the revolutionary knowledge-based Wolfram Language.

Imagine being able to run a completely customizable Wolfram|Alpha instance with your own data, automatically generating rich reports. That's just the beginning of what you can do with Wolfram Data Science Platform. Building on the vast algorithm, knowledge and interface resources of the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Data Science Platform makes it easy to apply the most advanced algorithms and visualizations to your data, then create beautifully formatted reports that can be deployed in the cloud, on mobile, through APIs and more.

Combine this with WDF—the Wolfram Data Framework—which uses the Wolfram Knowledgebase to let you represent your data semantically, and Wolfram Data Science Platform defines a completely new level of data science.

Ideal For

  • Corporate Data Science
  • Exploratory Data Science
  • Automated Reporting
  • Data Mining
  • Connected Devices Data
  • Data Science Education

Wolfram Data Science Platform Workflow

Select your data source

Wolfram Data Science Platform lets you use data sources that are structured or unstructured, and static or real-time.

Import Data Semantically

Use the power of WDF and the same linguistics as in Wolfram|Alpha to convert unstructured data to structured form, with automated or guided destructuring and disambiguation.

Read Hundreds of Formats

Wolfram Data Science Platform can natively read hundreds of data formats—converting them.

Data in Tables or Hierarchies

Using the breakthrough symbolic data representation in the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Data Science Platform can seamlessly handle both SQL-style and NoSQL data.

Connect to External Databases

Wolfram Data Science Platform uses industry database connection technology to bring database content into its highly flexible internal symbolic representation.

Not Just Strings & Numbers

Wolfram Data Science Platform works with images, text, networks, geometry, sounds, GIS data and much more.

Automated Analysis

Wolfram Data Science Platform automatically constructs a sophisticated interactive report, using algorithms to identify interesting features of your data to visualize and highlight.

The Best Pictures of Your Data

The system automatically works out what slices of your data will be the most interesting, and how those slices should be visualized—then uses computational aesthetics heuristics to optimize the presentation.

Machine Learning

The Wolfram Language has a full suite of built-in machine learning techniques—as well as deep coverage of classical statistics—that are all part of the automated analysis system in Wolfram Data Science Platform.

Geo Data is Built In

The Wolfram Language has detailed maps and geographic data built in, which are automatically used when analyzing geo-related data.

The Automated Data Scientist

The system automatically applies a wide range of state-of-the-art data science techniques, showing you the most interesting results it gets, and setting up an environment for optimized further exploration.

Natural-Language Control

Use natural-language commands just like in Wolfram|Alpha to guide the automated analysis, or request particular kinds of analysis.

Leverage Built-In Knowledge

Wolfram Data Science Platform has direct access to the complete Wolfram Knowledgebase used in Wolfram|Alpha, allowing immediate comparisons and analysis relative to existing public data.

Custom Analysis

Guided by automated suggestions, you can use the full power of the Wolfram Language to create analyses and visualizations for your data.

The World's Most Powerful Analysis Language

Through its Mathematica heritage, the Wolfram Language has by far the world's largest unified web of sophisticated analysis functionality.

Beauty and Insight in Visualization

Widely admired for its quality of visualization, the Wolfram Language makes it easy to create algorithmic diagrams, impactful charts and a tremendous range of aesthetically optimized graphics.

Breakthrough Symbolic Query Language

Combining the best of SQL and NoSQL, the Wolfram Language has a built-in symbolic query language that provides an unprecedentedly easy way to slice, dice or map-reduce data of any kind.

Network Analysis Is Built In

The Wolfram Language includes a full suite of industrial-strength network analysis and visualization functions.

Full Spectrum Data Science Built In

Apply graph theory, computational geometry, optimization, image processing—or any algorithmic area—using the highly integrated built-in capabilities of the Wolfram Language.

Everything Is Programmable

The symbolic character of the Wolfram Language means that everything you create is fully scriptable and programmable—and able to be combined and arranged however you want.

Custom Interfaces to Your Data

The Wolfram Language includes a sophisticated symbolic interface building capability, which makes it easy for you to construct custom interactive interfaces for exploring your data.

Integrated Image Processing

The Wolfram Language has state-of-the-art 2D and 3D image processing that can immediately be applied in the data science pipeline.

Define a Report

Create an interactive notebook with rich structuring and formatting—and with slots and Wolfram Language to define how it should present a report on your particular data.

Publication Quality Reports

Wolfram Notebooks include a suite of formatting options, including mathematical typesetting and sophisticated table layout.

Automatic Outlining

Create reports with an automatic hierarchy, in which deeper sections are hidden until needed.

WYSIWYG Templating

Insert template elements directly into a notebook to specify how a report should be constructed—with both direct computed content injection and potentially nested repeated report blocks.

Built-In Interactivity

Notebooks can contain built-in interactive elements, created using highly automated Wolfram Language functions, or custom constructed from symbolic interface elements in the language.

Full Programmable Documents

Every aspect of a Wolfram Data Science Platform report can be specified programmatically using Wolfram Language code.

Deploy Reports

Set up reports to be called on demand through apps or an API, or to be run automatically on a schedule, sending finished reports to a programmatically defined list of recipients.

Go to a URL and Get A Report

Reports can be set up to be generated as soon as a particular URL is visited, effectively setting up a webpage that is always a fresh new report.

Immediate APIs for Reports

Wolfram Data Science Platform lets you create an API that can instantly generate a report—in the cloud—with whatever parameters are supplied.

Reports on a Schedule

Wolfram Data Science Platform gives you flexible programmatic control over when and how any particular report should be generated.

The Report Is In the Mail

Set up Wolfram Data Science Platform to mail reports in PDF, notebooks or any other format to a specified list of recipients.

Automatic Dashboards

Wolfram Data Science Platform can set a webpage that is automatically refreshed in real time—and always shows the current result of a visualization or analysis.

Request Reports from a Form

Wolfram Data Science Platform provides powerful WYSIWYG and programmatic tools for creating forms that can automatically generate reports.

Share Across Your Organization

Make reports available on the cloud to anyone in your organization that you designate, programmatically defining who should have access to what.

Deploy to Mobile

Wolfram Data Science Platform lets you immediately deploy interactive reports to mobile devices—as well as letting you create mini-apps for requesting reports you want.

Industrial-Strength Data Science

Handle Data Of All Sizes

Wolfram Data Science Platform supports a hierarchy of data sizes, handled variously in memory, in files and in external databases. Hadoop support is also available in the Wolfram Language for still larger data.

A Private Cloud, If You Need It

The complete Wolfram Data Science Platform can be operated in a private Wolfram Cloud.

In the Cloud or On Your Desktop

Wolfram Data Science Platform is available both directly in the Wolfram Cloud through a web browser and through the powerful Wolfram Desktop interactive interface, with seamless cloud interoperability.