New in Mathematica 9

Survival Analysis

Mathematica 9 provides fully automated, broad-ranging support for handling censored and truncated data, optimized parametric and nonparametric survival modeling frameworks, and a range of generalized hypothesis-testing functions, such as weighted log rank, Wald, likelihood ratio, and score tests. The seamless integration with Mathematica's powerful hybrid symbolic-numeric computation engine makes performing survival analysis tasks easier and more flexible than ever before.

  • Optimized and automated handling of left, right, and interval censoring and truncation.
  • Descriptive statistics of censored and truncated data.
  • Estimation of parametric distributions (Weibull, exponential, etc.) from censored data.
  • Nonparametric survival estimators such as Kaplan-Meier, Nelson-Aalen and Turnbull.
  • Pointwise and simultaneous confidence bands for survival and cumulative hazards.
  • Semiparametric Cox proportional hazards model fitting and visualization.
  • Model fitting and testing with stratification and interaction terms.
  • Cox-Snell, martingale, deviance, Schoenfeld, and efficient score residuals.
  • Flexible Wald, likelihood-ratio, and score tests for parameter estimates.
  • Weighted log-rank tests for equal hazard rates between any number of groups.
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