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Multiplying the Power of Mathematica over the Grid

Easily control CPUs & GPUs to solve large problems fast.

Extending Mathematica's built-in parallelization capabilities, gridMathematica runs more tasks in parallel, over more CPUs and GPUs, for faster execution. With gridMathematica, process coordination and management is completely automated. Appropriate parallel tasks run faster with no need for code changes.

Providing a network-managed pool of at least sixteen computation kernels, gridMathematica can be shared by a group of Mathematica users locally and can run on remote hardware to combine the power of multiple computers.

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Parallel Computation Comes Standard with Mathematica

Every copy of Mathematica includes the capability for instant parallel computing at no additional charge. In single-machine configurations, Mathematica includes the ability to compute across four, eight or sixteen local processor cores, depending on your Mathematica edition. With the purchase of a Mathematica Core Extension, you can increase your local processor core support by at least 50%.

Premier Service subscribers and gridMathematica users also receive complimentary use of Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager, a program that makes it easy for users to find and use Mathematica installations on remote machines and to create ad hoc grids powered by unused Wolfram Engine processes. This application is also available for purchase.

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