Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

The latest Wolfram technology stack makes it possible for you to develop and deploy useful applications in minutes.

In the Wolfram Cloud or on local hardware, Wolfram Language is the ultimate hackathon power tool. With its revolutionary approach of building as much as possible into the language—and automating programming and deployment—Wolfram Language lets you take big ideas and turn them into reality in the space of a hackathon.

For Hackathon Organizers

Contact the Wolfram Hackathon Group to request Wolfram participation.

Wolfram Community

Get tech support and see other projects.

Recent Notable Wins

See recent hackathon winners powered by Wolfram technologies.

Quotation Mark
Behind the Scenes with the Winners of MHACKS and HACKNTU

[Wolfram Language] was so easy to pick up and learn quickly. By the end of the 36 hours of the hackathon, we were just writing code and created this amazing product that won."

—Matt Jacobs

Top Wolfram Hackathon Platforms


Wolfram|One is the world's first fully cloud-desktop hybrid, integrated computation platform—the ideal entry point to using the full capabilities of the Wolfram technology stack.

Wolfram|Alpha API

Put Wolfram|Alpha capabilities into your project. Contact your hackathon organizers or apply to Wolfram Research to get Wolfram|Alpha API credits

What to Do

Before the Hackathon

Get familiar with Wolfram Language and its deployment and possibilities.

Contact Wolfram for any additional resources needed.

At the Hackathon

We typically provide Wolfram|Alpha API keys and access to Wolfram|One; please contact your hackathon organizer for additional information.

After the Hackathon

Tell Wolfram Community what you did! If it's cool, we'll send you a T-shirt and some other great Wolfram goodies.


An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram's online book is an introduction to Wolfram Language and modern computational thinking—no prior knowledge of programming is required.

Fast Introduction for Programmers

A 15-minute introduction to Wolfram Language.

Creative Computation

Learn Wolfram Language with creative projects like computational art, poetry and audio and video game development.

Wolfram Language Home Page

All about Wolfram Language, including Q&A and a code gallery of projects.

Wolfram Language Documentation

Full documentation for Wolfram Language, with 100,000+ immediately usable examples.

Wolfram Language Microcontroller Kit

Integrated Wolfram Language framework for connecting to devices.

Wolfram & Raspberry Pi

Integrated Wolfram Language for Raspberry Pi.

Using Connected Devices

Documentation for using devices with Wolfram Language.

Research-Based Educational Programs

Continue your learning with in-person and online education programs for middle school, high school, college and beyond.

Wolfram Events & Conferences

Virtual and in-person events, from office hours to the Wolfram Technology Conference to livestreams.

Wolfram Student Ambassador Initiative

Continue your involvement with Wolfram Research by becoming a student ambassador.

Stephen Wolfram's Formative Moment

Watch this episode of Formative, produced by Reddit, to hear from Stephen Wolfram on his views and contributions to computing tools and scientific education.

Stephen Wolfram's Introduction

Video introduction to Wolfram Language by its creator.