The latest Wolfram technology stack makes it possible for you to develop and deploy useful applications in minutes.

In the Wolfram Cloud or on local hardware, the Wolfram Language is the ultimate hackathon power tool. With its revolutionary approach of building as much as possible into the language—and automating programming and deployment—the Wolfram Language lets you take big ideas and turn them into reality in the space of a hackathon.

Recent Notable Wins

Power Up 2019

Joe Iaquinto
Wolfram Language + UiPath »

hths.hacks() 2020

Jessica Shi, Claire Morton, Aranyo Ray, Anwesha Das
TraCOV »

HackTheU 2020

Matthew Bautista, Joseph Orlando, Justin Bang, Lienne S
insights.MD »

Kent Hack Enough 2020

Srikar Kusumanchi, Om Joshi

PennApps XXI

Trivan Menezes, Janum Shah, Austin Li, Grant L »

FrontierHacks 2019

Sashrika Pandey, SBSX Shrestha
Compass »

Garuda Hacks 2020

Alexandra Chirita, Prahitha Movva, Anh Pham
My Fun ChemLab »

TechTogether Boston 2020

Jenny Wang, Dolma Gurung, Laxmi Gurung, Kripa Shakya
ambient—love the air around you »

HackPHS 2020

Daniel Li, Rohit Lakshman, David Chen, Nate Sawant
EduTools »

PygHack 2018

James Austgen, Kyle McNamara, Isaac Warren, Sean Coughlin
Greatest Gallon »

HackMIT 2018

Jau Tung Chan, Jean Wang, Louisa Huang, Libing Jian
r00t »

Hacktech 2017

Yifang Chen, Yuelun Yang, Chenyang Zhong and Ye Ling
Smart Fridge »

HackMIT 2016

Anand Dwivedi, Kristy Carpenter, Jason Zhang and Prasann Pandya
Breast Cancer Detection »

Mhacks 2016

Aditya Vishwanath, Azra Ismail, Ralph Blanes and Sarthak Srinivas
OrchestraAI »

TreeHacks 2016

Aashna Shroff and Farhan Kathawala
Hands-on Math »

HackIllinois 2016

Kevin Renner, Harrison Qu and Ziwei Ba
LookNote »

MHacks 2015

Olivia Walch and Matt Jacobs
Draw Anything »  |Blog post »


Olivia Walch and Matt Jacobs
Twig »

Wolfram Language Hackathon Project Generator

Quickly generate ideas for your next project with the Wolfram Language Hackathon Project Generator, powered by the Wolfram Language and the Wolfram Cloud.

Behind the scenes with the winners of MHacks 6 & HackNTU »

“[The Wolfram Language] was so easy to pick up and learn quickly. By the end of the 36 hours of the hackathon, we were just writing code and created this amazing product that won.”
—Matt Jacobs

Top Wolfram Hackathon Platforms


Wolfram|One is the world's first fully cloud-desktop hybrid, integrated computation platform—the ideal entry point to using the full capabilities of the Wolfram technology stack.

Wolfram Mathematica

Wolfram's original flagship technical computation product, continuously expanded for three decades, and now available both on desktop and in the cloud. Try it now »

Wolfram Language on Raspberry Pi

Use the Wolfram Language to compute and interact with hardware on the Raspberry Pi.
Included free in standard Raspberry Pi system software »

Wolfram|Alpha API

Put Wolfram|Alpha capabilities into your project.
Contact your hackathon organizers or apply to Wolfram Research to get Wolfram|Alpha API credits »


What to Do

Before the Hackathon

Get familiar with the Wolfram Language and its deployment and possibilities.

Contact Wolfram for any additional resources needed.

At the Hackathon

We typically provide Wolfram|Alpha API keys and access to Wolfram|One; please contact your hackathon organizer for additional information.

After the Hackathon

Tell Wolfram Community what you did! If it's cool, we'll send you a T-shirt and some other great Wolfram goodies.