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  • Flexible and integrated platform for digital audio processing and analysis. »
  • Support for fast in-memory and large out-of-core audio processing. »
  • Audio synthesis using constant or time-varying parameters. »
  • Immediate support for arithmetic and statistical operations on audio objects. »
  • Comprehensive collection of linear and nonlinear filters. »
  • Basic operations, including amplification and normalization. »
  • Easy trimming, padding, splitting, etc. »
  • Mixing and panning of audio channels. »
  • Efficient implementation of audio effects, including delay and reverberation. »
  • Audio pitch shifting and time stretching. »
  • Audio composition through overlaying or joining signals. »
  • A suite of audio visualization functions to analyze audio signals. »
  • New functions to compute audio features locally for partitions of audio. »
  • Updated import and export of digital audio file formats. »
  • Access to available audio output devices and possibility to choose device per audio object, per session, or persistently. »

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