Visualization: Labels, Scales, Exclusions

Specify Label Locations

A callout can be given a specific location and anchor point with both x and y coordinates.

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LogPlot[{Callout[x^(Log[x] Sin[x]), x^(Log[x] Sin[x]), {3, 3}, 2.5], x^(Log[x] Cos[x]), x^(Log[x/2] Sin[2 x])}, {x, 1, 6}, PlotTheme -> "Web"]

Labeled can be given an x coordinate and a relative position.

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Plot[{WeberE[1, x], WeberE[2, x], Labeled[WeberE[3, x], WeberE[3, x], {2.5, Above}]}, {x, -5, 5}, ImageSize -> 400, PlotTheme -> "Scientific"]

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