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Visualize Animal Anatomical Structures

The "AnimalAnatomicalStructure" entity domain provides information about body structures of popular domestic animals. Entities of animals, currently restricted to dogs and horses, include major body parts, organ systems, internal organs, bones and muscles.

You can explore the internal structures of a dog body using the AnatomyPlot3D function. You can use the ClipPlanes option to selectively cut skin and muscles to expose the internal structures in the graphics.

The list of anatomical structures that make up a given body part can be obtained using the "ConstitutionalParts" property.

By accessing the "ConstitutionalParts" property, you can retrieve all the structural parts of a dog body. These hierarchical relations can be illustrated using a single NestGraph function.

You can also visually compare the anatomical parts of an animal with homologous structures, meaning those that are evolutionarily preserved.

The human, dog and horse feet are displayed in a x-ray style, where one of the largest bones, the calcaneus, is highlighted.

The following diagram illustrates the homologous skeletal structures across different organisms. Associated bones in human, dog and horse limbs are colored.

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