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Analyze the Distribution of Mutations

Look at the distribution of genetic differences for some randomly chosen single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). An SNP is a particular kind of genetic variation where one nucleotide's base is substituted for another at a single position in the gene sequence.

First, randomly pick the SNPs under consideration.

Next, gather the frequency of each base occurring in the same change and sort them by frequency percentage, showing the five most frequent changes.

Break this data into groups by the bases affected in the changes.

You can now plot how likely each change of each base is, given the more common base.

Here you can see how the likelihood of each base in the chosen changes differs from being uniformly distributed.

You can find how much the presence of a given allele as either the typical base or a mutation varies.

You can also determine the mean likelihood of any particular base in each SNP site, given the base is present.

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