Wolfram Language

  • Full access to all Unity functionality from within the Wolfram Language. »
  • High-level interface for calling the Wolfram Language from Unity scripts. »
  • Symbolic representations of Unity objects, including scenes, game objects, components and assets. »
  • Seamless exchange of data between the Wolfram Language and Unity.
  • Access to the full Wolfram Knowledgebase from Unity, including geo-spatial and socioeconomic data, and across thousands of domains.
  • A unique powerful scripting environment for Unity.
  • Interacting with the Wolfram Engine everywhere, on desktop systems or in the cloud.
  • Automated launch and build process of Unity projects. »
  • Create and manipulate Unity objects from within the Wolfram Language. »
  • Automatic generation of native Unity plugins from Wolfram Language compiled functions. »
  • Automatic generation of Unity C# code for embedding of cloud content. »
  • Custom menu extensions of the Unity editor for asset generation and more.
  • Access the cloud logging and analytics system Wolfram Data Drop. »
  • Easy workflow for immediate game development.
  • Access to high-quality render for large, complex scenes with Unity.
  • Extensive documentation with prebuilt examples and projects. »

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