Wolfram Language

Verify Digital Signatures

One of the most important applications of public-key cryptography is the digital signature. The Wolfram Language utilizes the practical security of elliptic curves to create digital signatures verifiable by remote parties using the Wolfram Cloud.

Generate a public/private pair of elliptic curve keys.

Save the private key locally in a secure location on your computer.

Share the public key by placing it publicly in a cloud object.

Import the private key when you need to digitally sign a message.

Create the message you wish to sign.

Use GenerateDigitalSignature to sign the message with the private key.

Share the message with a recipient or publicly.

Share the signature as well with a recipient or publicly.

The recipient can now obtain the message itself.

And the corresponding digital signature.

And the sender's public key.

Use VerifyDigitalSignature to verify the signed message using the public key.

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