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Aggregate Generations of Birthdays

The Wolfram Language has data on hundreds of thousands of famous people, including actors, athletes and politicians. With the help of new query functionality such as AggregatedEntityClass, it is easy to leverage this data to analyze the birthdays for thousands of people born during an entire generation.

Start by finding people in the Wolfram Knowledgebase who were born during the generation in the United States known as "Baby boomers".

In order to more precisely analyze their birthdays, you should limit yourself to people whose birthdays are known down to a specific day.

Of these people, find how many birthdays occur in each month.

Show the results in a bar chart, noting that October has the highest number of birthdays.

Instead of grouping birthdays by month, you can use MoonPhase to find the most common occupations of people born during the same moon phase.

Start by gathering all birth dates and computing the named moon phase for each one.

Next, use this information to aggregate the occupations of people who were born during the same moon phase.

Then you can gather the results for each moon phase.

Last, you can show word clouds of the most common occupations for people born during a full moon or new moon.

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