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Filter Tissue Types by Structure and Function

It is possible to explore the properties of human anatomical structures.

You can selectively find a set of structures based on their property values, using the FilteredEntityClass function.

In the first example, you can obtain the list of organs that are innervated by the celiac nerve plexus and visualize them in 3D using AnatomyPlot3D.

You can also filter anatomical structures based on associated functions.

Explore the muscles that flex the elbow joint.

Visualize them in 3D.

Conversely, you can find the cognitive functions associated with a particular brain area and map them over the image of the brain.

Find cognitive concepts associated with a selected brain site, in this case, a parietal lobe.

In preparation for generating the graphics overlay, get the region of a parietal lobe.

Overlay the word cloud with the shape defined by the preceding region.

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