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Identify Commonly Mentioned Chemicals

On the website chemistry.stackexchange.com, chemical names are frequently mentioned using a simple chemical expression language. In order to easily analyze the chemicals mentioned on the site in this format, you can quickly align them to chemical entities in the Wolfram Knowledgebase and create computational Molecule expressions for them, allowing for further analysis with interactive 3D plots and detailed information.

Import an EntityStore created from an archive of chemistry.stackexchange.com.

Register the store for use in EntityValue.

Add a property to extract chemical expressions from posts.

Gather chemical expressions from all posts, counting up how often they occur.

There are over 22,000 unique chemical expressions.

Show the top 500 in a word cloud.

Parse the top 200 chemical expressions to Molecule expressions when possible with Interpreter.

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With this alignment, you can now find detailed information and create 3D plots for the molecules mentioned on the site, such as sulfuric acid.

Create a word cloud from the molecules, formatting with their molecular formulas.

Create a histogram of the atom count distribution of the molecules.

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