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Two-Dimensional Input Assistance

The notebook interface has long featured InputAliases that allow typeset structures to be entered easily using special short names. Version 12 adds over 20 new built-in aliases for functionality, ranging from number domains to special functions to limits. The code assistant has been extended to display the currently available aliases, whether built in or user defined.

Enter the typeset form of NonNegativeIntegers using the shortcut EscnnintsEsc.

The code assistant displays the completions for NonNegativeRationals and NonNegativeReals, which also start with nn.

Version 12 allows specifying a domain over which to compute limits, in the following over an implicit real domain and an explicitly specified integer domain.

The shortcut EscdlimEsc insert a template for the complicated typeset form of DiscreteLimit.

The following video shows the process of entering Curl[{x, y, z}, {x, y, z}] in typeset form using the shortcut EscdelxEsc.

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