Wolfram Language

Programmatically Create Models

With the symbolic component creation capabilities in the Wolfram Language, it is easy to design and prototype mechanisms. Cams are used in a number of different mechanisms, from valve actuation in internal combustion engines to sewing machines. In this example, the effect of cam shapes to achieve correct displacements and minimal wear is examined.

Study the effects of three different shapes.

Define equations that describe the relationship between the translational and rotational movements.

With the cam shapes and equations defined, create SystemModel components.

You will also need a rotor that rotates at a constant speed and a cam follower that is modeled as a spring.

Create new models that describe the complete cam follower setup.

Simulate scenarios using different cams.

Jerk, the derivative of acceleration, is a good measure for how large the stress and wear on the cam will be. Compare the jerk for each cam design.

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