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Notes for Java programmers:

Unlike the Wolfram Language, Java is a compiled language and does not allow the kind of interactive coding and testing described here.

% stands for the most recent result; %n stands for the result Out[n].

Notes for Python programmers:

% in the Wolfram Language is similar to using % or %% in IPython, but IPython must be installed separately from default Python. Additionally, you can immediately compute with and manipulate %n inside other pieces of code. This cannot be done in IPython.

Use CMD+L to copy down the most recent input to the current input.

End a line with ; to make it print no output:


Notes for Python programmers:

In addition to terminating lines, semicolons in the Wolfram Language suppress output display.

% still works:


Use Short to get a short summary of output:


Use //function to apply a function at the end:


If you need to abort a computation, choose the Abort Evaluation menu item, or press CMD+. (Mac) or ALT+. (other).

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