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Development Environments

Development Environments
(Visual Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, JBuilder, NetBeans, ...)
Mathematica offers a uniquely powerful environment for software development. Together with Mathematica's integrative symbolic architecture and built-in document-centered interface, the Eclipse-based Wolfram Workbench provides top-of-the-line cross-system development capabilities for even the largest software projects.
The Mathematica language has pioneered many important programming concepts and, especially with its immediate access to Mathematica's vast web of built-in algorithms, is widely regarded as the world's single most productive programming environment. Also, built into Mathematica is a new generation of robust cross-platform user interface development capabilities that dramatically reduce the complexity of producing professional interfaces.
Mathematica fully supports modern distributed computing and deployment environments. Coupled with Wolfram Workbench, it provides a unique hub for developing arbitrarily complex software systems that integrate components not only in Mathematica but in languages like C++, Java, XML and SQL. Mathematica's interactive interface also allows immediate testing of components, as well as making it possible for small one-off programs to be immediately integrated into large enterprise-scale projects.
Mathematica's unparalleled built-in analysis and visualization capabilities provide a new level of code visualization and management for large software projects. In addition, Mathematica's ability to handle programs symbolically, together with its unique pattern-matching capabilities and built-in theorem proving, allows Mathematica to be used for a range of important new forms of code analysis and validation.
Development Environment Features in Mathematica:
Key Advantages of Mathematica as a Development Environment:
Development Environment Interoperability:
  • Unique symbolic cross-language integration
  • Wolfram Workbench supports all Eclipse plug-ins
Interesting Tidbits:
  • Most of Mathematica is developed in the Mathematica language
  • Mathematica is developed using the Mathematica-based development environment
  • Wolfram Workbench was the winner of a Jolt Productivity Award
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