Enhanced Graphs & Networks

With framework-wide support of mixed graphs and multigraphs, 3D graph visualization, and powerful computational capabilitiesall beautifully integrated in the Wolfram LanguageVersion 10 makes it easy to model, analyze, and synthesize graphs and networks better than ever.

  • Framework-wide support of multigraphs. »
  • Framework-wide support of mixed graphs. »
  • Built-in 3D graph visualization. »
  • New and optimized graph layouts. »
  • State-of-the-art solver for the traveling salesman problem. »
  • Efficient spanning trees and graph operations. »
  • Full suite of paths and connectivity capabilities. »
  • Comprehensive support for cycle computations. »
  • Enhanced graph isomorphism computations. »
  • New functionality for reachability relations. »
  • New graph polynomials, including Tutte polynomials. »
  • Full integration into the Wolfram Language.
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